*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-18 03:46:03 (UTC)

April 17th

Well today mostly sucked...school was ok but when i got
home i just got in a fight w/ my parents again. I actually
like school, because thats the only time i'm happy when i'm
with my friends. When i'm at home i'm like in depressive
mode. Its like there are 2 of me...and my friends don't see
my depressive side and most of the time my parents don't
see my happy side. I'm going to be grounded this weekend
and it really sucks...because there were some people i
wanted to hang out with!! sounds like another boring
weekend for me. I'm going to do my community service at
Calvert Rec starting at the beginning of May, so that
should be over with before the end of the school year
hopefully. well its gettin late and i'm chatting w/ people
online...i think i'll get off soon

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