2002-04-18 03:45:44 (UTC)

nature succumbs to one last dumb decision

guess who popped up in my inbox today? gabe. wow. yeah. i
know. the last i heard... he was shacked up with some girl
named briana...... who drug him around and let him whither
away. ... he wrote a poem. and enclosed the letter in a very
strange way. i emailed him back. but i hope it sits well
with him. i wasn't rude... but... no way could i ever go
back. gabe was nice. gabe was a dream. but i woke up
quickly from it. i miss his insight from time to time. but
he was the one who chose to vanish. ... so, i apologize...
but no. i don't think going back is a good decision. not
anymore. ... did he come here to tell me goodbye? ..... i
felt like an "actress just reading my lines." and it "all
fell so fast and it all fell so far." ....... and i'm
sorry. but today is a new day. and insight can only go so
far, obviously.

i have a test tomorrow... and i'm going to flunk because i
don't understand ittttttttttttt. god help me.

issac came on tonight. bless his heart. he's never around

i hate chemistry.

love neeley.