Steva's Life
2002-04-18 03:45:26 (UTC)

I don't know what to do

Well ok, i had a wonderful evening with hether, i went
to see phantom of the opera with her witch was exciting
becuase i saw it wile in london and i wanted to see a
better production of it in NY so i was excited, and
heather had never seen it before so that was a wonderful
expierence, I had also bought her tickets for it becuase
they were from row so that she'd have the best seats in
the house! :-) witch they were wonderful seats! That
Actors and actresses were lovly looking at :-).

Well now i'm put in the position of choosing to blow off
My friends show to do mom's thing or go to her show. Its
so hard and it hurts so deep in side.
I want to go with mom becuase she's begging me but i
promised My friend that i'd go see her. I DON"T KNOW!!!!

I just don't know what to do with my self.

I don't know how to tell her though.
should i just blab it out or should i ease in to it. or
what? I don't know.

My mother and i had a huge tiff today and she's like don't
expect me to do anything for you, i was like you ask me
to do one thing then you chance your fucking mind and want
to do to another thing. not in those same words though.
I felt that way though. I just can't wait for jeff to be
here and not to have to deal with mother. i'll just put
jeff in the line of fire ;-) sorry jeffy

Its so great to look back on all the good times but then
there are the bad times.

Well i just needed a little blab there will be more
tomorrow morning beleave me :-)


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