Nick's Journal
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2002-04-18 03:28:28 (UTC)

Swim Away

There's nothing worse than those that make others feel
like shit. you people are shit. i talk a lot of shit, but
i'd never make someone feel like shit. A.) i'm too much
of a pussy to say it to someones face B.) i know deep down
it'd hurt them and i'd hate that.
all of you. those of you that relish the misfortune of
others. close them out of your groups caste them away and
then tell the media how they were loners when they gun
down your buddies.
go ahead and be who you are. think your thoughts of
glory, of extollment. you're not better than anyone else
and you're twice as worse when you make others feel like
shit. fat people have it hard as is.....i mean just look
at them. don't make fun of them when they rip out the
buffet tray and carry it back with them.
sure some middle easterners smell (well almost all of
them), and come the fuck on you know this!!! don't get all
p.c. on my ass. you know it. i swear the one guy that
comes into our room i just feel like spraying him with the
god damn freshners spray. but that doesn't mean i'd do
it. i'm not gonna say "hey mohammed al-zahir jaheed jaha,
here's a soap, scrub yo'self sucka". i should, but i
don't. cos i know he'd feel hurt. and he'd probably go
back into his dorm and flog his camel.
not cool.
not cool.
so shut up. don't say mean shit. now i know that these
nice warm days bring out the guys who don't wear their t-
shirts. but shut the fuck up. they will probably hurt you
if you make the observation that they bear their top
because they're embarrassed of their genitalia. don't say
stupid shit like "most feminists are retards" at whatever
kind of rally they have. don't push your way through a
feminist rally with your dick.
just don't.
dr. dre and snoop dogg are too sweet.
snoop dogg can make "bow wow wow" hip.
one question.
snoop says "when you diss dre you diss yourself"
but what if dre disses himself?
does he automatically praise himself?
is it a compliment?
if dre says, "damn i am one whack nigga"
does that mean that he has now complimented himself?
what if i'm dissing dre about dissing himself making
himself a comment?
"damn dre is a whack nigga for calling himself a whack
i guess i'm dissing myself
however if dre disses me by saying "that cracker will get
a cap in his ass for calling dre a whack nigga for calling
himself a whack nigga" what then?????
alas. i am lost.
they are just too smart.