Nick's Journal
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2002-04-18 03:18:29 (UTC)


Now if you know me you know like to bowl. Bowling is
simply the sport for people that can't do sports. Any
schmo can through a ball down an Ally, even a 650 lb asian
(i've seen it. From the smallest dorks that get ass-raped
in the locker rooms to the biggest butch dikes bowling is
the haven for the suckers.
They don't belong in society so they grow and thrive on
the mold of the bowling ally. They have their clubs and
impress each other with strikes.
I am one of these people. I moonwalk back after every
strike and do the electric slide after each spare.
It's great because I can play with 12 lb balls and not get
arrested.......siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. yes well.
there is one slight problem.
you see just like sbarro's has butch dykes guarding the
delicious italian food this place is run by a bunch of
nazis.....a bunch of really stupid nazis. a bunch of
downsies in nazi uniforms. '
take for example the stoned asian dude. john and i played
6 games 1.50 each. i say "put 3 on my card and he'll pay
for the rest in cash" the dipshit takes john's cash and
puts it all on there. stupid stupid.
stop wasting my time here at this college and go work at
walmart or something.
incompetent employees. fuck them. especially the
apathetic one. example:
today i went to owens for a delicious tuna fish sub. this
black guy served me and well........yeah. first i thought
he was going to drool all over my sandwhich because he
kept his jaw slanted at an angle of "fuck this and fuck
you". he really didn't care about my sub. he apparently
could not speak because he grunted for each new phase to
"tuna on white please"
"with provolone"
"lettuce and mayo"
"or lettuce and spicy mustard whatever you like"
hey, move along the fucking species ladder ingrate. i
don't see any reasons why you have to take out 500 years
of slavery on my tuna fish sub. atleast he'll waste away
in the disgusting puddle of insignificant drug overdoses
of our society sooner or later....hopefully sooner.

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