Nick's Journal
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2002-04-18 03:10:46 (UTC)

Our Fridge, Our Room, and Why Dave decided to set fire it today

I've noticed our Fridge is cool. We have chinese food.
We have baking soda. We have coffee beans and
occasionally cigarettes. For the weekdays we have an
emergency Natty Light. Over the weeekends the shelves
creek with the weight of the beer. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. It's
every college students dream.
The chinese food tried to rape me though :-( i definetly
think it's time to get rid of it.
Our room has all kinds of periphenalia. Liquor bottles,
Beer bongs, regular bongs, dead hookers, dead babies, Corn
pops, Honey Nut cheerios and an octupus that won't leave
it's corner.
Now we come to my roommate Dave. He smokes.......a lot.
He makes the chimneys in Auschwitz seem like they're only
going parttime. Today he dumped ashes into the trash
can. Today the trash can took fire. His puke was still
in it. It smelled lovellllllllllllllllly in here, and
still does. Everything is covered in a fine layer of
dust. Seems as though the cigarettes are looking for a
more "direct" way of killing my friend.