my life
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2001-05-27 18:35:31 (UTC)

my life

hello i have a a life that can`t write down..i can try but
it will be hard.i had a boyfriend but he was
unfaithful..whit an older laidy..i braek up whit him but
now i see have much i love him,it huert me realy...
he crayed in to days.he won`t me back.and something more
has happen`t me.i had a beastfriend at the child school
and this girl was realy popelar.evry one liked her.but she
was thaking agly a about her friends.and one day was my
turn.she thakt old my friends and treath me on the night..
i was realy secerd.after this i sad to her that i never
want to be her fried again.she told this to her mother.and
this mother is crazy.she was tryng to heurt me and my new
friend.she heurt me realy bad.she hit me and kickt me,and
she sad to me that she will kill me..we report it to the they are going to try to do something about it.
i realy hope that something nice will happen me...
i have thinkt about thaiking my life..
but i haven`t done it.. but i have tryed..hat is gone
happing to me?????????
love from milla.........

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