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2002-04-18 01:26:15 (UTC)

I just got home from band..

I just got home from band practice. The show on friday is
gonna be fun. Martin and I must practice jumping and shit.

Today was good. We had PSSA's, then went to math, which was
good today, then lunch. I opened my milk carton today that
I was keeping from friday. I advise everybody to never keep
a carton of whole milk unrefridgerated for more than a
day. It's nasty. The rancid stench was on my hands for
hours. Then, I went to chemistry where I did a lab with
Ned, which wasn't bad. Theater followed where we did
Today, someone said that the Epic had been beaten by a
scrub video for Mulholland. Martin and I decided to go down
between Theater and English (both of which we have Ms.
Tavella) and find out for ourselves. We saw Nguyen on the
way down, so we told him to come with. We got there and
Dave was there and we started talking to Mulholland about
this, and he started showing us the 17 minute video. About
10 minutes later, the phone rings, Mulholland answers and
says "yes, they're here.. they didn't tell me they didn't
have permission.." and with that, Martin, Nguyen, and I
headed back. When we got back, Tavella was walking out of
the room with D-hall slips, saw us and said "oh, i guess i
need another one." We did some talking/sucking up to her,
and somehow, got out of it. Phew.

She's still a bitch.