Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-04-18 01:16:54 (UTC)

More abstract poetry

Darkness pervades the air
Its hard to see whats here or there
Emotions clog a bitter heart
As the darkness beats them apart
Cloding the air, clouding the sight
Try I may, and try I might
Lost is all my effort spent
Against an enemy that wont relent
Against one that cannot be seen
But only felt in a trembling knee
Or heard in an infants cry
Before it knows its turn to die
Or maybe in a frantic hurry
Of anger turning into fury
Darkness takes its many forms
To one thing it shall not conform
It only tears, destroys and kills
Those who give up their will
And decide to live inside a lie
To give up, and then, to die.
Only if you give in
Will darkness get a chance to win
Try you may, try you might,
Never ever give up the fight
-Patricia Bott

Yeah, I wrote that today. I wonder if it describes the
glorious day Ive had. *gags* Its oh so much fun to get
yelled at by your mother from teh time you get home to the
time you sleep. Its always grand.

Anyways, Im gunna go.

Loves you Matt, Marie, and Huggles.