why me....
2001-05-27 16:43:48 (UTC)

totally confused...??

hey what's up nothing here! I just got up and it's about
12:30 he he how great did that feel... I'm kinda upset
thoguh, becuase I've been sleepin ALOT lately and when I
sleep alot that means I'm getting depressed AGAIN!! aHHH!!!
anyways I mean I totally know why I have like a gazillion
and six things going on right now... and boy am I having
trouble dealing with them!! I'm just like AHHH let me sleep
the rest of this year away...okies let me get to what I'm
confused about I was reading my responses to my last
entry.. and I was want to say thanks to all the peeps that
wrote back I mean that was totally sweet thank you! I
really appreciate it... okies anyways one of the resoponses
I got they told me to fix my spellin sorry If I'm not a
good speller I'm a horrible speller if you really wanna
know and aren't people allowed to make typing errors? hello
there is NO spell check! and then the same person wanted to
know how old I was.. I mean what does that have to do with
anything? I have no Idea!! but anways if ya really wanna
know I'm 17... nice to meet you all... he he well I gots to
bounce I gots to get a shower and ready for work! peace