The Sexy Blonde
2002-04-17 23:55:57 (UTC)

Pictures finally...

Jose and I finally went and took pictures at Zoom In
Zoom Out. It took over a year or so but we finally did. 3
of them turned out great, but one looked a bit different
so... Anyway, I only gave out a few pictures to a few close
friends, anyway, I am going to send some off to peeps in
Minnesota, one has already been sent to my cousin Kelly.

Brandy (the girl I almost beat up) has skipped my
fourth period every day. She is scared to come back to MY
class. Guess what else. This last Friday some girl went up
to the girl Brandy and punched her in her face. Funny as
hell. But anyway, I am going to get off online now. But
anyway, leave me lots of notes.

Have a beautiful day!! lol

Its my mom's birthday on Sunday!!