the existential blues
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2001-05-27 16:29:19 (UTC)

i watched a sun rise anew, today

i spent a night reflecting. on myself, what it is i want, and
why i'm still hanging around this small-time town...i stayed
up to watch things grow light again. i didn't necessarily
come up with answers for all my questions but it doesn't
matter. i have ideas. I'm learning things i used to know all
over again. I'm through hiding myself from people to keep a
protective shell of...control all the time. sometimes you
have to move backward to be able to go forward. so i'm
starting over with independence. i mean, you have to know and
love yourself before you can love others, right? and maybe you have
something to teach me, too. i have to keep moving toward that ultimate
goal, whatever it may be for any individual, perhaps you can help me by
sharing a story...

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