LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-04-17 22:49:15 (UTC)

Great Expictations.......

I should know enough not to get my hopes up to high.
They always crash back down on my head. Confirmation is
coming up, and grandma was suppose to come. Can't
now...Stupid heart attack. Other hope, Josh taking me to
prom. So far that one has been bouncing off of my head for
the last couple of weeks. I gave him the perfect
opportunity to ask me, and he changes the stupid subject.
Then I think he's going to ask me later, and nope, he's
just being cute....*close to tears.* I know better then to
do this to myself. I'm always doing this, then I end up in
a depression for the next couple of weeks. Well depression
here I come, I guess. This sucks royally. I'm going to go
now. I should be doing some other stuffs.

I wish he'd ask me.


Lea耀leepless nights, here I come!

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