Lenore the fool

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2002-04-17 22:40:20 (UTC)

One foot out the door

Why do you always have one foot out the door
Why are you always ready to bolt?
What's got you so scared?
What are you running from?
Why is every thing a trap
What did that big man do to you?
What did your mother teach you
Do you think all the world is really out to screw you over?
Why can't I make you see you can stop running
You can be safe
You can sit and rest awhile
Don't worry about what can go wrong
Have Fun
Just assume everything will be alright
Don't try and plan another alternative
Don't look for an escape
Just stay in one place for a while
Dance to the music
Laugh and don't worry if people can hear you
We love you
We'll protect you
Just stay here awhile
Relax put your feet up
No one minds the smell

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