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2001-05-27 15:17:00 (UTC)


Well today is just another typical clubbin nite..but last
nite...we went to see the movie pearl was
pretty coo n all..but yea..finally got a call from Mr.C yup
but everyone seems to get bad vibes from this guy...n its
so odd he's mexican n in the navy..but im growing rather
tired of this "fun" life...i crave for the nights where ill
find myself in the comfort of someone...just tired of
meeting guys at clubs n just not the right scenes..where
your not yourself behind a shit load of make-up..which gets
their attention..why can't i met a handsome cutie like at
safeway or longs me lookin like shit n yet he thinks im the
cutest thing alive? i really wanna settle in but yet im
afraid is this why i haven't found someone yet? i yearn for
that ears being intrigued by sweet poetry...
i just had a know how they say don't go
looking for love it'll find you when u least expect
it...okay i mean thats true n all..but hey if everyone
tends to go by that superstition...we'd all straight be
screwed now wouldn't we...i just can't wait to be in the
arms of someone that is proud of me n that i can be proud
to be with....hawwww being 2o sucks!