Everything Just Died
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2002-04-17 21:35:13 (UTC)

Yesterday about Matt

I spent with Matt for 7 hours about 2:20 to 9:00pm. We just
watch movie then flirt, tickles, beat each other up. It was
fun. Now I'm back I still have feeling for Matt. He look
same but different clothes. He told me that he found a God.
That's good for him. I don't believe in anything. Someday
I'll find believe in. Anyway Matt didn't make move on but I
did move on him. When Matt's brother dropped me home I gave
Matt hug and I kissed him! Matt was shocked and said Thank
you. My other old friend Wendy need my bathroom. So I went
back to the car. Matt got out the car and hug me then he
kissed me! First I kissed Matt's cheek that I almost broke
his jaw. Then twice a kiss on the lips. *sigh* I'm so in
love with Matt. I don't know if we going out or not. Wait
and find out. Laterz

Dark Angel

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