a little piece of me
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2002-04-17 21:00:07 (UTC)

babies (of course), metals, tomorrow!

the babies are growing so fast! they already have quite a
few feathers. their eyes aren't open yet, but i could hear
them chirping today. such a tiny little sound. so friggin
cute it's disgusting. epyon has been doing such a good job
taking care of them. he's always cleaing or sitting on or
feeding them. so much fun to watch.

in metals today, i didn't get near as much accomplished as
i had hoped. i kept fucking up again. i accidentally
melted off on side when i was trying to fill some gaps in
the solder. filled those gaps, but then had to solder the
piece back on (for the third or fourth time). i'm going to
go in tonight and finish adding the last two domes and
touching up the solder a little bit. i really don't want
to mess with it, but i know she's going to mark me way down
if i don't fix them. we'll see. maybe i'll do that at the
very end.

i have so much to do for tomorrow. i've been mowing the
lawn. it's so hot outside, so i had to stop for some water
and to cool off a little bit. i have such a huge yard. it
takes almost an hour to mow. of course, some of that is
picking up sticks and moving the water drain thingies. not
too bad, though. i actually like mowing. just a little
warm today. i also packed my crap up. i still need to
clean up the house a little, and do the dishes. i also
need to make a pattern tonight for our design project
tomorrow. we already know what we're doing, and i thought
if i made the pattern tonight, that would save us hours
tomorrow. after i make one, i can copy it so that my
partner (amy) can have one, too. that way we can both
start cutting and gluing tomorrow.

well, i guess i should get back to mowing. the sooner i
get back the sooner i get done altogether. i'm cool and
hydrated, and that's all i needed. might write more
tonight, but i doubt it. so i guess this is goodbye for
the weekend. hope everyone has a great weekend!


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