SuGaR RuSh
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2002-04-17 20:58:57 (UTC)


i hate guys they all suck ass.....
i was talkin2 don and i was like will u wait 4 me atfer
gym and he like mumbles sumthin and was like i gotta get in
line 4 i was like ok then..? then like im
standing out in the gym lobby waitin 4the bell and he comes
out walks around and goes back in 2 the gym so i walk slow
so he could catch up and he walks rite past me and didnt
say a word 2 me :( uggggghhhhh and i wanna call him sooo
bad but i cant :( and im talkin 2 mike bout my guy problems
and its so weird and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! friends r
def the bestest ppl EVER i dunno what i would do w/o em'
erin siad bert got me a present and im gunn LUV it and
every1 @ lunch said im gunna like jump up n down n scream n
cry lolol well...don out bye
oh ya...brian sux assholes 2