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2001-05-27 14:21:47 (UTC)


Oooooo ok her goes my fist entery into this diary LOL well
anyways i am bored i have not been asleep for a long time
now but hey who cares bout that if you are here reading
this you are looking for weird stuff well my life is boring
so there is nothing weird bout it but hey once again who
cares well my mom and dad are spliting up and i am stuck
living with my dad he tries to tell me that my mom don't
want me no more. what is that about/are all men like that
when it come to devorcing their wives? i dunno but i know
one thing my mom wnats me to go with her but she is wanting
me to say b/c my dad is really sick (he is bi polar if you
dont know what that is look it up also if you know what it
is and are in the same place i am haveing a
perent/friend/loved one who is bi polar please email me at
[email protected] i am allwas looking for someone to talk
to) well anyways back to my life i am 15 years old (will be
16 in september on the 12 day .::SMiles::. i cant wait but
unlike most kids on their 16th b-day i am not getting a new
care i have still have to rebuild the motor to my mustang
(sp?) also i am a girl lol like you couldnt tell LOL
anyways i am so bored so i will just keep coming up with
these weid and crazy ramblings of my this is #1 who knows
what will be ne(yawns hears a voice in the back
ground "borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn
nnnnnnnngggggggg" tunrs to the person and stomps their
foot) well i guess i will stop here i have bored you long
enough LOL anyways bye bye and good day (cant say night b/c
it is daytime)lol