Oh,The Insanity
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2002-04-17 19:55:17 (UTC)

Kilts and Whatnot

I'm almost done with Dragonfly in Amber and then it's on to
Voyager. the only thing that really kept me from burning
the book with fury was the fact that Jamie cannot die
because there are several other books with him in
them...hmmm. Oh well. I am now more hell-bent than ever to
find a REAL kilt for Adam. He's asked Patti M. to borrow
hers but it's only a plaid skirt...BLAH. Soon, tho. Maybe
I could find a pattern and make him one...and then buy a
spartan and maybe even make him a plaid. hehe...then I'll
have to maul him cuz he'd look so good...okay, enough of
I havent' talked to Marcus in a while, he's at work during
the day, so he sleeps alot at night...duh. Gonna go read
somemore before I have to go to work!

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