True Confessions
2002-04-17 19:31:33 (UTC)

Broken promises

I should have known he would not show up. This is the
second time he has told me he would come and he has not.
Why do I let my self believe his lies? He enjoys playing
with my emotions I think. I try so hard to get him out of
my mind but It seems impossible.
I am the one always chasing him. I gave him my number he
did not give me his. I am the one who asks him to lunch. He
never asks me. Yet when we are together he says all the
right things. His touch makes me shiver and sets me on fire
at the same time.I let him do things only my husband should
Why do I do these things?
He tells me he wants to be with me but only if I leave my
husband but then another time he tells me he will come to
my house and I am dumb enough to believe him. But he never
shows up. And when I see him again I always try so hard to
be mad at him but all my anger at him disappers the minute
he I look at him.
Why did this have to happen to me?

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