2002-04-17 18:26:08 (UTC)

plainclothes naked

oy yoy...

it's only 1:11... here i sit in 5th period.

i realized that i haven't been writing as much. but right
now i'm trying to finish a few novels... and get ready for
things like banquet and get past things like prom.

things have been pretty cool lately. i've really been
enjoying the awesome weather. the other day ____ and i had a
waterballoon fight. it was great. i got soaked. ... but it
wasn't too cold... so we went for a walk to the graveyard.
____ and i found it interesting that so many little kids
died in the late 1800's and the early 1900's in my little
community. we decided to do some research. but we've yet to

i'm scared to tell mom that i don't really wanna go to sp
prom. i mean it's the same day as memphis in may. and not
only that... the private party was plenty of "fun" for me.
another thing that's weird is. i hardly ever go to the
lipe's house anymore... and i haven't seen jesseroo in
forever. i don't even know if he still wants to go.

the other day issac emailed me and told me he wanted to
come. or that his suitcase was staring him in the face. at
first it excited me. but how in the world could it work for
him now? he'd get here. and we would barely have time to
even talk. what's the point of driving this far... when
circumstances are what they are. i didn't mean i didn't want
him coming at all. but right now ... *shakes head* .. point
is: he got restless when i said what i did. which is
understandable. i'm not going to tell him how to percieve me
or how to make decisions. i won't do it. i am young. so is
he. i just wish i knew how to respond to what was going on.

i feel like running under the sprinkler when i get home.

first i have to go with ____ to pick up my kitty kat, karma.
he's at the vet. getting SPADED. poor thing.... he had ear
mites too. i can't wait to go and see him.