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2002-04-17 18:25:36 (UTC)

Well well well...

I'm going to be housesitting this weekend. I'm looking
forward to that. Yay! I love the dog, Maya. And it's a
gorgeous house too. I've mentioned the people in here
before, I think the last time I housesat was sometime
before Christmas. Anyways, there were a few interesting
leads in the working section of the paper today. I'll have
to see how it goes.

In other news, I got roped into teaching my Humanities
class today. It was actually really fun. It got my power
trip sensabilities going. And people seemed to like it.
Probably about half the class thanked me. And on Friday
after school, Jessica and I are going to Park Avenue. That
will rock.

I have the Tour of Homes again this weekend. This is the
last weekend though. I need to look at summer classes as
well. Yup. *sigh* But that's a whole other story. We'll
see. I don't want to talk about it.

It's really hot today. Definately not a jeans day, which
is my usual uniform these days. I think I'll put my
bathing suit on and do chores and then jump in the pool. I
need to return stuff to Super WalMart. I'm a very boring
person I've decided. Oh well.

I'm outie 5000.


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