Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-04-17 16:55:27 (UTC)

Heaven help for the way I am, save me from these evil deeds...

I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand, but I keep
living this day like the next will never come.

Baby did a bad, bad thing.

Well, OK, it really wasn't that bad, but it was a whole
hell of a lot of fun. A close friend of mine borrowed my
truck over three weeks ago to he could move apartments. In
three weeks I hadn't heard anything from him. I can't get
a hold of him, so I do what any self-respecting person
would do. I stole my truck.

Yeah, that's right. The best part was, I neglected to tell
him about, and let him have a little heart over it's
disappearance (once he finally realized it was missing).

I cannot help but quote Tyler Durdin:
"Do not fuck with us."

My friend Matt loaned me the second season of the Sopranos
on DVD. Damn, that shit is so kickass, I'm gonna have to
buy it. I finished the first season (which I also borrowed
from him), and I realize the second season never lost any
of the momentum the first gained. I bow before anyone
related to the Sopranos. They are gods.

Another kickass show it seems like no one (at least no one
I know) watches, is Smallville. Everytime I ask someone if
they've seen, they're like "Oh, isn't that like Dawson's
Creek?" Let me go one record for saying that Dawson's
Creek isn't fit to lick the toilet bowl Smallvile's
producer's shit in.

Well, more later maybe...

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