The lost little girl
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2002-04-17 16:42:41 (UTC)

i'm so cute...

It was beautiful yesterday so i hung out with crystal and
jeff. it was really fun. but today jesus..it's fuckin' hot
out...i mean my god. i don't know what is going on today but
right now i'm sitting here watching "Cast away" and eating
my brother's Reese's pieces that he left ( again) in our
freezer...better luck next time buck!:)
tomorrow is kareoke night YAY...and hopefully i will get to
see greg.
things have been a little strange...i mean thanks to an
unknown person..my father now knows i smoke. granted i'm 18
and it's fine..he just is completely angry...so yeah, thanks
who ever you are...you stupid fuck!
well i must be off..so i will talk to you
later-byebyebye-love you- janie

daily quote:
" i think they're lost..MARCO"- craig
(referring to justin and gempka)