Where's the light at the end of the
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2002-04-17 15:21:17 (UTC)

It's getting hot.

The days are finally warming up, a bit too much actually, I
like to enjoy the 70 degree weather and it's jumped
straight to high 80's and 90's. I don't like to sweat but I
hate being cold. Anyway, I decided to enjoy the nice
weather by getting up at 6AM to play golf with the best man
from my brother's wedding. We like to play fairly often
during the summer months (he's a teacher). Anyway, it's one
of the first rounds I've played this year and it went
pretty well, three pars, a bogey and a couple of "forgotten
holes"... We only played 9 holes so he could get back to
his wife and newborn daughter. Anyway, I've decided to
start working out and this is one of the many ways (going
to start going to the gym and pool at my school in between
classes)... Need to look good for the wedding and proposal
in Hawaii... I can't give away details here, she might find
out the one secret I'm trying to keep... She doesn't know
about this journal but just in case she finds it, I can't
mention the details of our proposal, wedding or
honeymoon... Anyway, she'll end up guessing most of it
anyway... I suck at keeping the secrets that I want to
tell. Such a backwards world, the stuff I should tell her
but don't want to tell her I can keep very well and end up
getting myself in trouble. Anyway, I should get to work. I
may end up with another entry tonight. Hope there isn't
anyone so bored as to read about my pathetic life... (which
is turning from patheticism recently)... Lata.

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