Jena's Rants
2002-04-17 15:14:23 (UTC)

The Topsy Turvey Roller Coaster we call PREGNANCY

Everyday I am reminded of how my body is not cut out for
this pregnancy schtuff. My emotions are completely out of
whack, I am most certainly the world's most heinous bitch
right now. I am five months prego right now, finally
beginning to show, though I still have to tell people I am
pregnant. I've gained like four pounds so far. Found out
that Hoppy and I are expecting a lil boy. We have already
decided on a name, his going to be a lil Avery Elliot - my
lil turtle for short. Life has been pretty enjoyable for
the most part, I would pistol slap a nun though for a
Bailey's Irish Coffee or a chardonney though. Oh well,
those be the apples. So busy between work and looking for
a house. It's weird......I work so much but the day seems
to go by so fast. Suppose it's the fact that I don't work
for a corporate idiot anymore. Actually that corporate
idiot doesn't have many people working for him nowaday's.
Apparently he's neck deep in the shit. Oh well - you have
to laugh at the karmic value. Not that I don't get some of
my own well deserved karmic battlegas. Anyhoo, I am dying
of starvation so I am going to see what if any fruit we
have around the office. CIAO!