Steva's Life
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2002-04-17 13:42:02 (UTC)

Hot days

Ok, well its like 90 degree's here in ny and i'm dieing,
My AC is broken and the stuped building will not fix it
becuase there to fucking stuped and i'm really pissed
about that becuase they can sit downstairs in the AC and
enjoy it when i'm up here fucking roasting. GRR. Then my
mother comes to me saying were going to conneticut to go
meet one of her boy friends with is the absolute last
fucking thing i'd ever want to do, first of all i usally
hate people unless i know them or there nice and i've
talked to them at least once. But not out of the blue oh
were going, I had planned to go see a friend of mine in
long island in her show and now i have to blow that off
for a bad reasion witch is pointless because mom's known
him for a total of like a week maybe... The shortist i
think i've ever talk to someone online is about a month,
Becuase i like to get to know them before i go meet them,
most of the guys that she meets just end up leaving her,
Becuase she doesent get to know any of them. I told her
i'm not going because i told her I"M BUSSY THIS WEEK, yet
she goes ahad and blow's off all my plans and makes me
go. So i don't know if i'm going. If i don't then i'll
probly walk out of the house. If i do then i'll probly
throw a huge scene, as i usally do. I really truly don't
want to go. Jeff get here by tomorrow then i won't have
to go. I can't wait till jeff comes and moves in if he
still does... since he hasent herd back from the school.
He'll probly still move, I'm just blabing becuase i'm
pissed off.

I don't know if i've mentioned it yet in my books yet or
not. But for those of you who know the trip from JFK to
Manhatten, well it usally takes about half and hour and
there's at least 1 toll. Well when i came back from
london, I got a cab, he wasent a real one witch was my
first mistake, But i went with it, Well as were coming
back he doesent take the normal route we go through the
bronx by van dyke avenue, Well On all the highways he was
doing at least 70-80 the whole time, witch was a fucking
nerve racking expierence, Well It took 10 count it 10
mins to get from the AP to the city, that's fucking scary!
Then i got out near my place becuase i didn't want him to
know where i lived because i didn't trust him, well as i
was heading back to the back door to get my stuff he
started driving off and i hit the window and he stoped but
thank god he did, all my stuff was in it. But wow.

I found someone to go see phantom with me Miss Heather!
I love her so much, I got the best seats in the house,
FRONT ROW! In the orchistra!!!!!! That's really scary
that's closer then i've ever sat in that theater, non the
less an theater, other then rent of corse because i always
have front row.

I'm also in the thinking proses of weather or not i want
to go to the 6th anniversery of rent without jeff again
like the 5th, But i'm leaning more on the "not going"
side becuase i know were going to go to the 7th
anniversery TOGETHER! So i think i'll just wait, The next
big rent show is going to be the 10th Anniversery, so i'm
waiting for that one lol.

I need to stop eating all together.

Heather went with me to Matt's gig and i feel that she
really didn't enjoy going and i feel terrable.... I'm
gonna feel terrable tonight seeing her, and i know that i
shouldn't becuase she probly didn't mind going but i don't
know... :-( I just feel that she didn't want to go and i
sorta like made her... And then i just made her stay, I
don't know... I feel sad and terrable about it though.

I hate waiting for things, don't you? Well I have to
wait till august for "Ffej" ::Jeff backwards:: to move to
NY And its a hell of a wait, i know its only 3 1/2 month's
but that's a fucking long time. The thing that i'm really
excited is that Jeff myself and my friend matt are
planning to go to london next april. So i get to go back,
I really want to get a flat over there! i think it would
be fun, I'd be poor but who cares! :-P

I really excited about jeff coming because i just had the
apt painted and he hasent seen it yet so its going to be
exciting for him to see it, and i've changed minor things
around so he's excited :-)

Well I'm gonna go Enjoy what i can of the day... Its so
hot. Thought its supposed to go back down to the cold
weather so i'm dreading that.... but i wouldn't mind it if
it were a little cooler that or less humid its higgggghhh

Well Off i go... kisses