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2002-04-17 13:23:58 (UTC)

17.04.02 - We will meet again, my friend.

Well. I'm slightly happier than I was earlier today,
because my friend is flying out from America to visit me
in rainy old England this summer. I can't wait. She was
one of my best friends when I lived in America, and we're
still even close after almost 3 years of being apart.

I went to visit her in America during Christmas. Yes, I
know I sound like a dumbass flying back at Christmas, but
she's my friend, y'know? And I don't like England at
Christmas. It's just not the same as what I'm used to.

God, it just occured to me that I have to go back to
school tomorrow. Yuck. That means studying, and studying
means exams. I HATE exams, with the fire of a thousand

I talked to my normal best friends today. They seemed a
bit, er, chilly with me. Well, I suppose I better pull my
pants up as a friend if I want to have any friends when I
go back to school. I wish I could go to school at the
base. They have Americans there, lol. And Amy and Mike go
there. It's tough being in the grade below in my school,
because everyone's so...immature.

Well, I haven't talked to Dylan yet; hope he's ok, no
complicaitons or nothing. My friends tell me to quit
worrying, that he'll be ok, and anyway what do I care? I
only know him through the internet and he lives in

I say kiss my ass. Dylan's one of the best friends I've
had, aussie or not. God, when my boyfriend dumped me by
text, he was the only one who thought it was low. All the
rest of the guys I knew were like, oh yeah, I've done that
before. Well. Stats.

My Mood: feeling better
Status of life: looking up
Status of story: 12 pages (still got the block)

Right, I love you all and talk to you later!