True Confessions
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2002-04-17 13:21:31 (UTC)

Forbidden Love

I know I should not think about HIM but I can't seem to
help myself. HE consumes my every WAKING MOMENT. Why did I
fall for him when I have a loving husband and two wonderful
children? I should be thinking of my life with my husband
not about what I want to do with HIM.
I try so hard to stay away from HIM but everytime I see HIM
I just seem to forget everything I should do.
I have not done anything yet as far as cheating on W. but
each time I see HIM it gets harder and harder to resist HIM.
I find myself going to where HE is working when I have
things I should be working on.
When we are together during lunch I can't think of doing
anything but HIM.
It gets harder each day to pretend with W that I still
feel for him what I did when we first got married.
I try so hard to act as if everything is normal when it is
not. For the sake of my marriage and my children I must try
so hard to keep things happy even if I want so bad to be
with HIM. I must do what is right for everyone even though
it means giving up my happiness.

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