Life, no one gets out alive?
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2002-04-17 13:11:06 (UTC)

Things are better

Well I guess things are better should be the title.

I guess it is, I'm not as freakishly depressed and stuff
YEA seasonal somehting depression shitmonkey. But right now
is the time of year that is usually the worst so let's hope
that doesn't happen this year!

Well I have news I'm talking to my best friend again,
stupid me and stupid feelings, never again. Well I can't
say never. Becuase in the time between this update and the
last I took the initiative and made a move on a good
friend. Needless to say I am a sex goddess and of course it
worked out *note sarcasm at the begining of sentence*.

So we have been "seeing" eachother since april 5 (his
birthday). Don't ask me what "seeing" means beucsae I don't
know what our classification is and I really don't want to
put a label on it so early.

One problem is that he is up at school so I only get to see
him 2-3(if I am lucky) times a week. Good thing the
semester is almost over.

My friends are being biznatchies(yes it is a word damnit)
about it though. I don't think they really approve although
they say they are supportive of ANY relationship for me.
HAH. *I'm sorry was that ME laughing* I wish they could be
as understanding as I am when they date losers.

They see him as a loser for god knows what reason, I know
him on an intellectual level, which is hard to get to with
him and my friends don't use their brains so there ya go no
brain activity. This is the problem.

So for my sanity I am taking a break from hangin out with
them. Just becuase if I don't I might kill one of them.

School is crappy I was asked by my professor if I needed to
leave the class beucsae I was so far behind. SHIT

I think I may have made it up though.

I still need to catch up in all of my other classes but I'm
sure I can get it all done soon.

Meh The only nitch in my side really is my weight. I still
am unhappy with this. shit happens though.

Eh I think that is about it for the update if I forgot
something I will let you all know.


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