Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-04-17 12:46:05 (UTC)

another blazn dayage

dude, wheres the high, Today I have
mediation at some time, instead of court, i guess its
counseling so im kinda excited. Yesterday not to be gross
but hey im good at it so my bf fucked me till i bled and
after taking a shower passed out in the bathroom...i had
terrible stomach pains, i think this may be a problem, but
i dont have cash or insurance so im s.o.l yesterday i tried
again to break up with josh, i was gonna leave and never
look back, i had all my shit packed then i let him talk and
eventually i felt so sorry for him crying and shit that i
gave in and im giving him yet again another chance to fix
things. I need to try to fix some shit too. Im an awesome
girlfriend in services but i can be really mean and bitchy
too, and im not used to being like this with guys.
Errrggghhh. Ive been doing really creative things lately,
yesterday i tagged up josh's room and he told me i can do
whatever i want to it...muahahaha, and i made a chore list
of what things i do everyday, so im getting pretty
confident that when im on my own, ill be fine, just great.
I feel like an adult already, i guess cuz i dont have most
teenage problems, i have adult problems. Well enough for
now. Late

Mood:high, content
Song:Montel Jordan-this is how we do it