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2001-05-27 06:31:12 (UTC)


what's the story (morning glory).
i found oasis at goodwill today. man, i hadn't listened to
that in so long. ever since i threw it out however many
years ago. but i figured i could afford $0.69 for the tape.
listened to it tonite... it totally brings me back to
grade 8 or whenever that was when that was all i listened

anyway, i dyed my hair *intense red* tonite. me and vicki
just decided to dye our hair. i'll prolly just be getting
used to it by the time it washes out. bleh... speaking of
washing out... it's gonna look pretty bad when it starts
fading. haha. oh well, it's only hair.

i have the next 2 days off work, thank God. i need it. i
finally get to go to church for once tomorrow. i mean, i
guess i could've gone last week, but with jerod and tyler
here... yeah. then i think i'll nap in the sun all
afternoon. ahhhhh :) and monday i have a trip to the
library planned. and more sun and a phone call to the
australian high commission. they're driving me crazy. i
wish their info would match up with their website. bleh.

i think i'm going to get close to 8 hours of sleep tonite...
niiiiice. it's been a while....