Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-17 08:51:46 (UTC)

Now You're Older And I Look At Your Face....

Its the morning, children, and the new day has greeted me
with its sunny side - all the better as an incentive for my
working, but not conducive to such a task.

I've been listening to Radio 2 a lot lately, going to bed
whenever - generally earlier nowadays than later - and
reading for a bit, first Papillon (what? You've not read
it? Do) and now The Drought by JG Ballard. Its slow going -
maybe it'll pick up when I get into it, but I'm only going
a chapter or two (three pages-ish each) a night.

Anyway, I digress. I was listening to Lynn Parsons last
night, as I do every night, and used to do to James Whale,
and what did she play? Firstly, To The End by Blur, which
is and was, as she played it, great. Secondly, Prettiest
Eyes by The Beautiful South.

I was thinking a lot about that song earlier in the day.
Now for any new reasons - it just seems.....right. It seems
like its the way people ought to end up.

Anyway - with love to all. But not really short people.
Sympathy to them.

WILT? One Last Love Love Song - The Beautiful South.