Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-27 05:34:18 (UTC)

Saturday May 26,2001

~~~Friday May 25,2001 at 10 sumthin~~~

Well.. I was online still.. and all of a sudden.. my
pager goes off.. I didn't know who was pagin me.. so I
signed off and called the number.. to my suprise it was
Ricky... and I guess he had been tellin his cousin and
friend bout me and my gurl Andria cuz they started to ask
me sum things... and on Tuesday when I go back to school
his friend wants to meet me and see who I am.... what fun
this will be... considerin Ricky doesn't like fat gurlz..
which ummm.. I ain't skinny at all!! lol damn I don't care
tho.. but anyhow.. me and Ricky talked for a few minutes...
then he had to go and was like I'll page u back later.. I
was like aight cool.. and we hung up.. So I went over to
my grams house and watched sum old reruns of the show
Golden Gurlz.. I love that show.. but anyhow... Ricky paged
me back at bout 12:30... so i called him backed and we
talked until bout 1:30... Then we hung up and I went to


What a hard day.. me and my mom cleaned out the closet and
what have u.... and during one of my breaks I got online to
read my email.. and I saw that Lucio wanted me to call
him.. So I did and talked to him for a few minutes.. but my
mom doesn't like him cuz she said he was a smartass... it
doesn't seem like she likes anyone I talk to... and ohh
yeah a lil while before that I was talkin to Kelly.. and
she told me how John thought I had sumone else... that may
be better for me... Which sorta hurt me.. I mean yeah.. I
do like Jack.. but I also love John with all my heart.. and
I don't want to lose him... it would break my heart in half
If I did lose him... I haven't talked to him bout that
yet.. cuz he hasn't been online.. and when I signed on a
few minutes ago he had just signed off :( So I sent him a
few emails.. and I hope to talk to him tomorrow and if I do
I will be sure to write bout what he tells me.... well
that's bout all 4 now.. so I'll guess I will go.. bye bye 4