ahoy hoy
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2002-04-17 07:09:32 (UTC)


Well I have come to a major decision. I hate mills, in the
beginning of first semester I had planned to transfer I had
applications and every but then I convinced myself that I
could handle it and that I could learn to like it since I
have really nice and cool friends but I cant stand being
here. I have decided to night that I cant stay here for
another year am going to leave and go to community college
and then transfer to another college that I know I will be
happy in. I can be here any longer like am so unhappy,
like I forget about it when am wit my friends. I mean they
are the only ones that make me want to stay but, once am
by myself am like all not happy. This college is just not
for me. I miss LA. I hate the bay area.

Well yeah am so scared I don’t want to upset my friends. I
mean I’ll visit I’ll get on the grey hound and come visit my
friends and stuff. Or I’ll even fly. No prob. What ever.
Well am leaving and am finally going to be happy I feel bad
cuz I made so many plans but I cant stay if I stay I’ll like
seriously die.