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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-04-17 04:46:36 (UTC)

Never judge people in the day...

Haven't written anything in this stupid diary for quite some
time. Not like anyone cares. Anyway, exam's over and I have
no idea what I'm going to do. I went out last night with my
college friends. They're different last night. At least some
of them. They had make-up on and they wore clothes. DUH.
There IS a difference in them last night and that is my damn
point. This classmate of mine, she's a year older than I am.
She's this happy and cheerful girl and she doesn't look like
those girls with much problems. And last night, i saw her
smoke. I didn't believe it at first then I saw her do it.
Not that I'm against people smoking. Uhh...kind of. I don't
know. I don't care. I know I hate Wee. Wee smokes, too. Back
to my classmate. She looked uh...all 'gothy' last night. The
way she held the cigarette and the way she talked, she was
this totally different person. Like she's been transformed
into this problematic, gothy and cold person from a person
who smiles and laughs alot in class. Yeah, I was pretty
surprised. I have nothing else to say. My brain is
malfunctioning since the exams are over and I have lots of
time to think. I have a WHOLE month to do nothing. But I
HAVE to do the chores or else mum's going to kill me. So, my
classmate smokes. Alright. Yes, I know she's a smoker now.
Geez. My brain keep telling me these. Maybe I'm in shock.
Man, she's SO different. She even swore last night. I never
heard her swear. The moral of today's story is NEVER jugde a
person in the day.... You will only get the truth at night.

p.s. I don't smoke. I'm a good girl. ;)

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