Deep Down
2002-04-17 04:11:05 (UTC)

Wake Me Up; Make Me Think

Today, yet alas, another tiring and somewhat stressful day.
It's only 9:03pm and I am beat like a waterhog. *Sighs*
Time went by too slow. I did so many things. Doctor
appointments (My mother wanted me to get checked out b/c in
all truth I've been really weak lately and it kills me not
to board for a long time anymore. I'm still waiting for the
tests), interviews for new jobs, working out at the gym,
taking college classes.....it all gets to me after a while
and gives me a migraine. I thought only woman caught

So I told Neeley I'd pack my bags right now...
You were right Jessica...*Sighs* I am just a mere pretty
face that isn't worthy of a wonderful soul's touch. (I know
you didn't go that far...please let me elaborate)
She's right....time is all we need....she's still young.
My ex (yes the stripper) called me like a half hour ago.
Jessica...she wants to visit you while she's up.
She said she's up for a week.
She wants to "hang out like old times" with me.
You know what that means.....
*Pulls hair straight up and groans*
I only want one girl!! Alas, I'm afraid.....
God let me be strong and don't fall apart.
Well I'm weak and tired...
I hope this letter finds you well.....

Issac Hendricks aka "Mr. Shakes Alot"

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