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2002-04-17 03:41:39 (UTC)

Random Thoughts & Tumblings

Ok, so I told Jess that I'd write a diary entry today,
because I was so mad today, but I didn't get the chance to
do it until now, so sorry if you dno't read this until
tomorrow Jess :)

Annika, the German girl staying with me, is leaving on
Saturday, thank G-d. She's such a spoiled brat, and she
honestly thinks she's the authority on everything. Plus,
any little thing sets her off.

For example, today, we were in my CommArts class and I made
an appointment to edit my film during my lunch period on
Friday. She got so mad at me, complaining that I didn't
like her (at this point, I was thinking "is it THAT
obvious??) and that she'd wanted to have lunch with me on
her last day here. Then less than an hour later, she's all
friendly with me. Twenty minutes after that, she's back to
being mad at me. Love me, Like me, Hate me. I don't care.
Just make up your mind!!!

I'm definitely going to Berlin as a student for a couple of
weeks, but I'm supposed to be staying with her. I think
I'll talk to NS, the head of the program, about me staying
with another family. It's funny -- in Germany, they had too
many families apply to do this, but in America, they had a

I e-mailed my dad the lyrics to Simple Plan's "Perfect"
and "One Day," telling him to read them. I got an e-mail
from him, saying that he thinks we need to have a talk. I e-
mailed him back to say "not in person, thanks." Still
waiting on his reply.

"Somtimes this house feels like a prison that I just can't
leave behind.
There's so many rules I got to follow.
One day I won't take this anymore
One day I'll be old enough
I won't have to run away and you won't be there to say I'm
not allowed to, one day
Sometimes I wonder if you know me or if you just pretend to
Tell me are you on a mission to bring me down?"
--Simple Plan "One Day"

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