Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-27 03:25:59 (UTC)

*Im slipping, im falling, i cant get up....*

Iv been listening to 2gether... the theme song and it makes
me really sad. They sing hang together... you and me
forever... and micheal died. It just ughh i dunno... makes
me wonder why some people have to die. I really do love
2gether... and for someone who totally opposes boy bands
thats saying a lot. Im mean, theyre great... soo funny!
Moving on... i think i might suffer from slight
depression. I am thinking about asking my mom to send me
to another psychiatric... i havent been to one in a long
time.... i wont ask her if my life situation stays the
same, but if it gets worse i might. Understand, it would
be really hard for me to ask my mom this because im not
close to her at all. And its not her fault.. its mine.
She does everything she can for me, but i push her away. I
really feel like im slipping.