Venting about Love & Life
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2002-04-17 03:17:33 (UTC)


Yes my words are real. There's nothing counterfeit here.
Just thought provoking feelings that will get you feenin
and carry you to another time and place. What about me
would you like to know? How can we together go to this
unimaginable place? Where all fantasies are fulfilled.
Honestly all I want to do is yield all of myself to you,
your feelings, your sexual desires. My search has led me
to these findings. When we have mind sex the body soon
follows and when I swallow I know at that point in time
you are truely mine. A prize, a gift, this love we make
causes me to be complete. The deeper you go, the more I
yield, because only with you do I feel at home. You can go
as fast as I can take it. The wetter the better. And if it
ever gets dry do you know how to make the waters flow?
Like never before, afterwards I may be a lil sore but the
pleasure outweighs the price. I am your lil one who is
nice and more than willing to entice but only for you, the
one that is true. To get you back in the mood I will use
my tongue as a device or maybe you'll draw me a bath and
together we'll explore as we share that life giving water.
This is all for you boo.

To burst and blaze/To turn you into a fountain of
sweat/Hot sticky passion painting our bodies/Sweltering
air covering us/I grab the sheets as you flex it within/As
you move in circles/My fingertips tracing you from
shoulders to lower back/Pulling you closer and deeper
inside/My tongue caresses your weak spots/As I hum a tune
within your aura/Can you feel your heart beat?/Your nature
rises so deliciously to meet me/Can I tease you, my king,
ever so softly?/And make you cry out/Giving me extreme
arousal and desire/But for me that is all/Because tonight
is all for you.

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