*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-17 03:07:18 (UTC)

April 16th

school was pretty good today for the most part, and then
when i came home it sucked. My mom was gonna take me to go
get new jeans and to find out she wanted to take me to
GORDMANS? um no sorry. Their jeans just don't fit me right
and i don't like them. And lets see...got in a fight w/
just about everyone in my family and now they are all
pissed off at me. After about 20 minutes of fighting w/ my
mom and sister i couldn't take it and just told them what i
thought. Which wasn't good because it ended up being "I
hate this whole fucking family god damnit" and i told my
sister i hated her...i feel like such a bitch but right now
i needed to say it. Nobody in my family cares about me,
they all think i'm the bitch of the house and all i do is
bitch at them. So i try to go talk to my dad and he just
basically sits there and lectures me and yells at me so i
just leave the room. After about 3 times of going in there
and trying to TALK with him, i failed and just gave up. My
mom and i are still in an arguement but we just aren't
talking. And my sister pretends like nothing ever happened,
but thats okay because she's only in 6th grade and she
doesn't actually care about nething right now neways. I
have come to the realization of how much my friends mean to
me. They are the only thing that keeps me going these days.
I can't count on my family because they cannot relate to
anything. This is the first time in my life that i feel
like i have REAL FRIENDS, the ones that don't backstab you
or talk shit on you...thank god i go to east and not pound
nemore:] well i'm gonna get on AIM and chat w/ some people,
hopefully someone is on