I hate my life
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2000-12-21 02:08:09 (UTC)

I know this is my third one..

I know this is my third one today but I have more to say to
what I have said. Because I am so pissed off right now I
can not stand it. How could people be so immature as to
call me a home boy slut just because I hang around guys
that are in the boys home. It is not fair to me. They do
not even have the guts to say it to me that really fucking
pisses me off right now. So I told my person that told me
what they been saying to tell them to say it to my face not
behind my back like the chicken shits they are. Because I
am so pissed if they do they know they are going to get
there ass kicked. Well my brother needs the computer so
now I have to get going. I will write more tomarrow. bye