LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-04-17 01:44:19 (UTC)

Grandma W.

My Grandma is in the hospital. She suffered a small
heart attack. My coolest grandma is in the hospital. What's
funny is that I didn't think of my confermation until about
ten minutes after I found out. The first things out of my
mouth were, "She can't do that." Meaning she shouldn't be
in the hospital, she's too cool for that. Then like ten
minutes later, "Wait, she REALLY can't do that. She was
suposse to come up tomorrow for confirmation. She's my
sponcer." Momma and I went up to see her. She looks really
good. They say she's going to be fine, and her heart
monitor looked promising. I've seen those blasted things
enough to know when something doesn't look right on them.
She feels really bad about not being able to come. She's
come to all the other kid's, and she won't be able to come
to mine.
I called Tiki but she's not home. I kinda wish she was.
I feel like I need to talk. I should get going now. Mom's
down stairs. C-ya!


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