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2001-05-27 02:45:25 (UTC)

your streets

drove through your streets last night. your streets where
you once resided. your streets that had the same palm trees
that i used to find your house. a place where we once went
on your street. your street that we drove through when i
onced glanced over and caught you watching me mouth the
words to your cd. your streets where we once talked. the
song on the radio was fitting. i loved your streets for that
brief moment because it reminded me of all you ever
possessed. the road that led to your 12 steps. the step that
i never was. your streets hold passion that others dont
realize while driving them. your streets are no longer yours
but the memories will always be the same. i drove those
streets and a thousand memories fluttered through my
head...a thousand memories that have no closure. and as i
was driving through your streets i realized that closure
only exists in my head, all i have to do is close the
chapter of your streets and you will be gone. your streets
will forever remain there as a reminder of what once resided
on them...and to me thats all they'll ever be. and with that
i let your streets become nothing but a found memory...a
flame to my heart..and nothing more.