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2001-05-27 02:06:35 (UTC)


well, Last night- I rented a movie or was me,
myself, and Irene. No got- totally rank. too much language,
and way too much crude humor- definately not funny. just
made you uncomfortable to be around yourself even. I also
watched second skin. mostly because the main character's
name was Crystal. it was weird- she definately did not
appear to be a Crystal. it as alright- but not somthing you
would watch with your parents. The wedding this morning was
nice- but I was tired and not really into speaking to people
so it was weird. I kind of avoided Jon- afraid to look at
him, and all that JAzz. I liked it better when I didn't like
him. at least then I could be myself, and not worry about
stuff like- EVERYTHING. I really need to get a grip- hoe can
anybody like me if I don't even like myself. I get too elf
aware- and self concious and feel like I am fat and ugly and
just a pathetic looser- who would like that. no I have to be
my confident self. the one who looks good and feels good,
and doesn't care about nothing. I mean I don't know how JKon
feels- and until he tells me one way or another. I don't
care. I will just do what I feel is right. and not stalk him

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