Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-16 23:39:46 (UTC)

Is The World Still Spinning Around?

Well, I can't promise any excitement, no more than the
barrelleer of life has felt fit to dispose of in my
direction - some new soup, not much food left, a few new
films and CDs, but not a lot going on in my life.

I got that most wonderful 'beginning of term' feeling
yesterday, surprised I was - thought it wouldn't hit me,
but it did - just excited to see all the people you don't
hear from over the break.

Also, I actually care about what these people are doing
(unlike when I was at school) - what they're up to, what
they're thinking about. Why?

My hypotheses are fourfold.
a) They're good people - people who matter, and not just to
b) They have many a common interest - generally linguistics.
c) We all do such a range of things that to piece people
together is fun.
d) My life is so drab and tedious that if somebody else so
much as steps outside the house, I become jealous.

And tomorrow, seeing as the last two days have been working
and then R&R? Its working again.

Oh, joy.

WILT? Boyzone - Father And Son (I much prefer Cat Stevens'
version, but Boyzone's does remind me of Grimsby)

And whoever told my computer to download Freedom '90 by
George Michael yesterday (which it did of its own accord,
it seems) let me know.