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2002-04-16 23:21:55 (UTC)

fat man in the park...

Funniest thing...So as usual on nice days, Erin and I were
hanging out in Wariner mall just chillin..but today...we
were just sitting talking and this fat man starts coming at
us(kinda like that fat man at QD that trish and I saw
buying beer) so I was just commenting on how huge his belly
was and how low it hung down, but THEN I realized something
else...HE HAD A HUGE ERRECT PENIS!!! Erin didnt get a good
look at it and said she didnt think it was true, but
honestly, NO ONES penis is this huge that it sticks out
sooo much!!! Okay so anyways enough of that...I got a
little sunburned today while we were sitting out...I'm
probably on my way to skin cancer..but hey, by the time I
actually have it, they'll have something to cure it,
right?! Today it was 84 degrees, I swear it was pushing
100! It was GREAT :) I just wish I were home chilling by
the pool with my friends(at trish's of course) jumping on
the trampoline...ahh, I cant wait for summer!!! Okay so
back to work, I j ust had to tell everyone to watch out for
errect penis', rachel said this is the time for them, and
she sure was right!

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