i have to be perfect

i hate my life
2000-12-21 01:36:52 (UTC)

Hey all~ Today was absolutley..

Hey all~
Today was absolutley wonderful!! I went shopping all day
with my mama (my grandma it is pernounced maw-maw)for her
to buy the rest of her Christmas gifts. This also included
mine!1 I love shopping, I must say it is my favorite
hobbie. The one thing I like the most about going shopping
with my mama is that she gets me soo much more stuff thatn
she gets everyone else! (am I spoiled or what) My favorite
thing I got was a knitted black scarf from GAP and a knited
cashmere beenie stlye hat to match. It is soo cute.
I think I should change the name of my diary because
my life really doesn't suck. I am soo thankful for
everything I have. I mean I love my family soooo much it is
not even funny. My family is really big and really really
close, I don't know what I would do without them. Every
Sunday afternoon after church we meet at my Mama's house
and have a Sunday dinner, I love it. When I started this
diary I had just had a very hard week (finals) and I was
just super stressed out. On top of that, nothing was going
my way and I was blowing everything way out of proportion.
Sorry all of you had to read about how selfish I have been
the last week. I feel so bad. ~Brittney

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