why me....
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2001-05-27 00:56:57 (UTC)


UGHH I LIKE TOTALLY HATE SCHOOL!!! especially my one class
I hate it... why does everything happen to me.. here's what
happened..ya okies this is what happened... okies I came
into class and this girl was like bitching cuz she wanted
to have class outside and she was all complaining and
everything and the class room we were in it smelled bad and
the smell was getting on my nerves.. so I was like mr. f.
it smells in here! (mr. the teacher) and he didn't
answer me so this girl went off on me and was like you
complain too much and all that shit and she was like I
don't want to hear it..and she was like I have a headache
and she was like shut up so I was like NO your one to talk
you complain JUST as much!!! I was like you have no room to
talk!! and then this kid jumped up and was like YEA ***
you tell her and was cheerin her on and then he jumped in
front of me and was like in your face bitch... sO I got
PISSED at this point cuz he had NO RIGHT to say that to
me.. and I was like FUCK YOU and I was like it's noone of
your god damn buss.. and my teacher YELLED AT
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughh was I totally bitter and the fact
the my tacher makes fun of me totally gets on my nerves and
the things he says aren't even bad but the fact that he
does it and that allows the rest of the class to do it
too... hello would someone please help me here!! and see
I'm the kind of person who lets things bother me until just
one time I FLIP out and I have like a gazillion and 6
things going on right now and that just topped everything
off... I ran out of the class almost crying and walked
around for the whole block so I did nothing that day.
uggghhh I'm just totally tired of everything.. and ohh
my "best friend" who is allllllllllllllllll OVER the kid I
like and tells her boyfriend she doesnt flirt in schhol YEA
right!!!!!! UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!! well thats enough
from me peace